The Workshop

Clive will come to your school and run half day or full day workshops based on Mbali. Click here to see what area he’ll cover.

Mbali secondary schools

Clive Essame will prepare a workshop to suit your requirements but a typical workshop would include:

  • Explore Clive and Judith’s motivations for writing the play using different perspective – from a person with a long experience of mental ill health and a person who has spent many years working supporting those who experience mental ill health
  • Identify issues within the script and share what influences the actions, reactions and emotional responses of the main characters;
  • Learn about resilience helping students learn to deal with failure, criticism and things going wrong
  • A basic introduction to some of the more commonly experienced mental health condition along with an introductory handout for all students
  • Use drama to develop different possible outcomes at key moments of the story and so explore and demonstrate the impact of actions;
  • Question their pre-conceptions about life as a person affected by a mental health issue; strengthen their understanding of the challenges faced; build confidence in their own positive actions.
  • Discuss the use of language and its impact on mental health

A full day workshop in your school will cost you £250, a half day will cost £130 including learning materials.

Please speak to Clive about specific learning requirements and your desired outcomes. We’ll work with you to prepare appropriate learning materials.

Clive has full DBS clearance and public liability insurance.

Mbali primary schools

These images are from an exhibition inspired by Impisi at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton

The workshop is designed to introduce the issue of mental ill health to young children through the medium of theatre and story telling. The workshop serves as an essential lesson in life, and it addresses a wealth of issues that we all face, creating the climate where mental ill health and difference is openly talked about and celebrated.

  • Bullying
  • Moral issues
  • Social acceptance
  • Mental health awareness
  • Prejudice and discrimination
  • Appropriate language
  • Looking at issues of resilience helping students learn to deal with failure, criticism and things going wrong
  • Workshops can be adapted to suit specific requirements, but here is a typical itinerary of the day:
  • Initial introduction and presentation from Clive
  • A description of the story, adapted for young audience
  • A discussion on the issues highlighted by Mbali
  • Learn how to portray wild animals through movement
  • Workshop short extracts of the play
  • End of day Open Forum for a review and discussion

If you are wanting Clive to work in a different setting, for example in a College or University on issues in the play, or for studying the way that Impisi and Mbali have been created as fiction dealing with important real-life issues please contact us.