Impisi The Script

Buy the Impisi script and its performing license


You can buy a copy of the script, and when you buy a licence to perform you can copy the script as many times as you need to produce these performances.

Then specify how many performances you wish to put on. Each performance will cost £25. After purchase, you will receive a copy of a license agreement which will need to be filled in and returned to the author.


The play can’t be performed without this license.

For runs of more than 6 performances: 10% of Gross Box Office (GBO) payable within 15 days of the final licensed performance.


If you are a theatre company and want either play script for an ongoing schools project please contact us to discuss costs.


Product Description

Impisi is a play that addresses important issues around prejudice, bullying, impairment and difference, delivering a powerful message of acceptance. The story is about Nkosi, the young male lion, who is about to take over the pride when he is caught in a wire snare. He escapes but is permanently impaired. His situation leads him to forge an unlikely friendship with the hyena Impisi, and he learns how to overcome the pits of despair and loss of physical ability in order to flourish and fulfil his potential.

This is a moving journey of self-discovery and hope which touches the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. Impisi beautifully allows us to see through animals’ eyes in order to better understand the challenges and issues that impairment, different ethnicity, bullying and discrimination bring about.