An Important issue for us all: Mental ill health

Mental ill health in young people, including children, is a growing issue with many reasons being put forward for the rise in incidences of ill health in young people – abuse, neglect, family relationship break down, peer pressure – are just some of the reasons given for this worrying rise.

A common statistic that is quoted is that 1 in 3 or 4 of us in Britain will experience some form of mental ill health in our lifetimes, a worrying figure and this level of incidence in almost any other illness would be always at the top of the health agenda. But mental ill health has traditionally been a hidden illness, in part because it can’t be seen. But there are also major issues of stigma associated with being ‘mental’.

The causes of mental ill health are many and complex and there is not one fix for everyone. But if we talk about it, reduce the stigma attached to the conditions and realise that we are talking about an illness like cancer, MS or any other physical illness, we can give good mental health the importance, and the resources, it deserves.

The Duchess of York launched a video today as part of her role as Patron of Place2Be and Wild Stories Productions is proud to be associated with Place2Be. One of our play scripts, Mbali, is about mental ill health and 50% of the royalties of the sales of the play script and performing licence will be donated to Place2Be. The script is available on our brand new website.


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