Honiton Youth Drama

I’ve been recently involved in a wonderful project called ‘Honiton Youth Drama’.

Honiton Youth Drama is part of The Beehive, which is a community and arts centre in Honiton, Devon that opened last year.

The Honiton Youth Drama initiative aims to start a free after-school club for young people of secondary school age. I’ll be working with 2 age groups by providing workshops and by teaching pupils theatre skills.

We are hoping to involve young people who may not usually engage with drama, either because they may see it as “not for them” or maybe because of cost.


So why should you/young people be involved?

Working in theatre arts – with drama and dance, music and movement:

      • Helps you to be yourself! – sometimes by pretending to be other people!
      • Channels your creativity, which can be used it to explore important issues and ‘big ideas’.
      • Gives a safe space to ‘think outside the box’, and so learn to deal positively and efficiently with uncertainty, with difficult or unexpected situations.
      • Develops self-confidence and self-understanding, and, of course, communication, empathy and teamwork.
      • Most importantly, perhaps … it is fun.

We are meeting every Thursday and each session starts with refreshments at 4pm at The Beehive, Dowell Street, Honiton and finishes at 6.30.

If you wish to join or if you know anyone who would like to join us, participants only need to email us at martin@danublue.uk call or text us on 07817273396 to find out more.

All we need are the participant’s name, address, emergency contact details and any relevant medical information.

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