In2Act – Drama Group for Adults

Drama can work in many places and for many reasons – pure entertainment, widening education, developing character, exploring important issues – and it does not necessarily need a theatre to work in.

Applied Theatre, an umbrella term for the use of drama practice in an educational; community or therapeutic context; is an area that really interests me. I have been lucky enough to have been working with Exeter University students on the applied theatre course this month. I ran a half day-workshop introducing the idea of using fiction to tell true life stories with a social message, working with the Impisi script – discussing why using animals to tell a story of discrimination; disability and self image can be so effective.

The students were then tasked with producing a short performance and workshop which they had to take into a community setting. Half the group went into In2act, a drama group for adults with learning disabilities who meet every week in Exeter, and they led a great creative session, exploring animal movements and sounds and then working with the students to tell the story of an ostrich who wanted to be able to fly. As a parable it worked brilliantly and the whole group had a great experience. Next week the second half of the group are going into Honiton Youth Drama group to work with secondary school age pupils in a similar way. I am excited to see what they come up with.

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Through these three workshops I have not only learned a lot about how University students work in the community, but also how elements of a script can be adapted for different audiences with very different needs and levels of ability.

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