Life of Pi – more questions than answers?

Last night I finally got around to watching the film Life of Pi. I really did not know what to expect, all I knew was that it was about a young guy who got stuck in a lifeboat with a tiger. Why? How? What for? It just seemed so odd. But I felt it was an intriguing film – quite gripping – mysterious – weird in fact. But what was the point of it all?
I felt a certain affinity with the idea, stories featuring animals to portray human emotions and situations is something I am using in my work at the moment. My first play, Impisi is about a hyena and a lion; the second called Mbali follows a young elephant; and now a new short play I am creating for Honiton Youth Drama project features elephants and birds and is about immigration.Untitled design (22)

To get back to Life of Pi. I was puzzled by the end. What did I feel about it? What was the message, if indeed there was one? We talked about what the film had meant to each of us who watched it, and thought that it was about belief – do we believe that there are things we don’t understand and never will, or is life straightforward and everything has a logical and maybe scientific reason behind it? This is an idea that interests me. My father comes from a scientific background, and if something cannot be explained scientifically it does not exist. I think I come from a place where emotions, the inexplicable and the mysterious play a part. So perhaps my take on Life of Pi is that the story that was told at the end about the tiger being a real tiger could be true – or maybe not!

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